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I’m an independent designer, strategist and creative director based in Dublin. Since 2006 I’ve worked in and around the design and creative industries. Along the way I’ve worked at strategic design studios; multidisciplinary creative agencies; co-founded and run an arts organisation; had stints with start ups and tech giants; and taught design at universities in Ireland and the UK. It’s been a rich, enjoyable journey so far that has seen me work in roles from designer to facilitator, and from head of dept. to director.

Apple  /  BBC  /  Mailchimp / Shift  / Google  / It’s Nice That  /  Dropbox  /  Japan Rail  /  Nike /  Engaging Libraries  / Spotify  /  Uniqlo  / Sony  / British Heart Foundation  / Unilever  /  Emerson Collective / Adobe 

  • IADT (Dublin)
  • MSX (Middlesex)
  • UAL (London)
  • NCAD (Dublin)

Design as change

My background is in creating brands, content, campaigns and experiences. More recently, using design thinking tools, co-design and community engagement, I’ve been wandering into areas beyond communication. These projects tend to lean more towards research, uncovering new opportunities and building quick prototyes. 

Recent projects:

︎ A research and prototype project with Google exploring how users might make more environmentally conscious decisions within the Google product eco-system.
︎ A community engagement project exploring how a local library might help foster more social connections within a community.
︎ A research and prototype project for BBC aimed at uncovering new format opportunities around their flagship homepage product.

︎ An interactive installation that invited visitors to the Tate Modern to imagine and create a brighter future.
︎ A video game to help the NHS understand young people's attitudes and opinions towards emerging healthcare tech.
︎ A research project exploring how train stations might help play a more meaningful role in local communities.

In my spare time I also use design and creativity to produce highly- uncommercial-but-enjoyable-all-the-same projects under the name KTOOMS

︎ Junichi Takahashi
︎ Junichi Takahashi

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