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August 2021
The Agency
The Agency is an initative that works with young people from marginalized areas to create social enterprises, projects and businesses aimed at having a positive impact on their local communities. Right now I’m working with a steering group of young people from London and Manchester. Through online and offline sessions we are co-designing a brand, content strategy, online home and set of tools that can help the organisation increase recruitment and partnerships nationwide.

September 2021
Playful neighbours
I’ve been meeting up with fellow designer Sam Griffiths lately for some great chats about design, play and community. Together we’ve created a kind of manifesto to help guide some projects we’re collaborating on — the first of which is called The Bridge. Read more here.

June 2021
Community Connections
I’ve just finished up a lovely project with Barbican & Community Library that explored loneliness and the role a library might play in helping foster more community connections. Collaborating with my friends Lizzie Reid, MadeByPlay and Dean Brown, we ran engagement sessions with the local community to co-design a set of guiding principles around when and how people might feel comfortable engaging with people they don’t know. Using these principles we created a number of interactive, playful and Covid-19 safe prototypes out in the community.

February 2021
Advanced Stupidology
Working with artist/lecturer Peter Evers I recently co-designed and delivered a 3 week module for students at IADT, Dublin. Our class introduced students to the basics of critical thinking and satire before assigning each student a conspiracy theory (e.g. Flat Earth, The Illuminatti, etc) to explore using design thinking tools and frameworks. Their brief was to pull apart their theory, find interesting insights and angles to play with before setting out and creating an engaging peice of satire. I really enjoyed being part of this module - the process, discussions and outcomes were thought provoking and very funny. Hopefully we get to do it again next year.

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