Design for change?

This is a manifesto created by myself and fellow designer Sam Griffiths. Created while chatting about play’s role within design and change, it’s a list of positions we are attempting to weave into our work as designers. Each point includes what we're moving away from and what we’re moving towards. The manifesto is a work-in-progress. If you think we’re on the right lines, become a signatory and help us shape it.

Users  People
Design for the full richness and diversity of the human experience. Design for real people.  

Control  Trust
Design for exploration. See where others can take things. Make tools not solutions. Invite interpretation and open-ended play.

Individualism  The collective
Design to connect people, strengthen communities and dissolve barriers.

Ownership  Openness
Design “with” not “for”. Share the design process and outputs so learning and impact is for everyone.

What is  What if?
Design to spark imaginations. Invite people to dream big. Help people explore exciting futures.

Convenience  Change
Design to disrupt the status quo. See friction as an opportunity. Open up new behaviours and attitudes.

Obedience  Mischief  
Design to prompt questions and defiance. Be the jester. Awakening people to urgent matters and to their own trickster spirit.

Consumption  Making 
Design ‘things’ that enlarge people’s worlds. Give people ways to be active creators and shapers. Give space to explore and awaken the maker in people.

Intentions  Action
Design it into reality. Make it real. Test it. See what it does. Inspire action in others.

Perfection  Process
Design to understand. Everything is learning. There is no perfect finish line or final product.

Design for change manifest 1.0

Sam Griffiths
Emma Bearman
David Freer
Nigel Ball
Suzie Robbins
Rachel Codd
Geraldine Rennie
Rob Ramsden
Codey Brown
Suzi Warren
Dean Wilson
Abigail Brown
Mika Sembongi
Lisa Hostick
Charlotte Derry

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